CoinFLEX operates as a crypto derivatives exchange and yield platform.
Did you know? β€” CoinFLEX is currently at the center of a heated drama in the Bitcoin Cash & SmartBCH communities.
Read the Drama Summary below for more details.

  • Location: Victoria, Beau Vallon, Seychelles
  • Employess: 51-100
  • Homepage:​
  • Funding: 4x rounds, totaling US$11.3M

You should know! β€” This is a heavily biased review of the on-going drama currently encircling CoinFLEX and the SmartBCH community. Enjoy! 😜
Please consider this to be an op-ed section of the "official" SBX documentation.
What does CoinFLEX have to do with SmartBCH?
How was CoinFLEX able to take custody of the SmartBCH Treasury?
How much does CoinFLEX owe?
Can CoinFLEX legally liquidate $BCH from the "escrow" account?

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