Federation Database
Peer-to-Peer Databases for the Decentralized Web
A single, shared database is required to manage the Exchange's data storage needs. OrbitDB is currently leading when it comes to peer-to-peer databases for the decentralized web.
Peer-to-Peer Databases for the Decentralized Web

After months of extensive research, our team has decided that OrbitDB will provide the most flexible Distributed Database System (DDS) of the three options we considered: OrbitDB, GUN and Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB).
  • The Orbit interface offers the widest range of potential use cases. The variety of data stores offered by Orbit provide optionality and flexibility for building many different types of applications and tools for a very wide range of use cases.
  • The Orbit network is built on top of familiar, well-maintained technologies. libp2p and ipfs provide a solid foundation to the Orbit system that many members of the SmartBCH community are likely already familiar with.
  • The Orbit network allows many peers to host and share data. libp2p allows OrbitDB to easily sync database updates from multiple peers, which allows many peers to host data. Because of this, OrbitDB allows for the creation of a network which anyone can join to help keep data available, making the entire network more robust.

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