Peer-to-Peer Relays
This use of Circuit Relays allows anyone from anywhere to connect to the Federation of Validators (FoV) to participate in the security of the SmartBCH sidechain.
Did you know? — Firewalls and VPNs will often intentionally restrict normal peer-to-peer connections. We utilize techniques, like Hole Punching, to bypass these restrictions while preserving the privacy of ALL parties involved.

SBX utilizes a synchronization protocol for direct connectivity with hole punching that eschews signaling servers and utilizes existing relay connections instead. That is, peers start with a relay connection and synchronize directly, without the use of a signaling server.
If the hole punching attempt is successful, the peers upgrade their connection to a direct connection and they can close the relay connection. If the hole punching attempt fails, they can keep using the relay connection as they were.

Participants can make use of ANY Libp2p Circuit Relay they prefer, either public or private.

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The release of libp2p at the end of 2021 introduced Version 2 of the Circuit Relay protocol:
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