Since the beginning of its history, the most successful projects founded within the Bitcoin Cash community have been those that met with the greatest alignment to the incentives of the rest of greater community.
(meaning those projects that have positively affected the most users)

  • Bitcoin Cash Node — offers a stable BCH node for both miners and peers
  • Electron Wallet — offers a FOSS wallet for safe, self-custody of $BCH
  • Bitcoin Cash Register — allows merchants to easily accept $BCH
  • CashFusion — offers privacy and fungability for $BCH transactions
  • Wallet — offers a premium $BCH wallet UI/UX on mobile

For all digital asset bridges, no matter the blockchain, maintaining & strengthening "trust" is very important in order to ensure Validators are always driven to work in the best interest of the network.
SBX is manged by a federation of XHedge Validators that currently provide 50% of the sidechain's security (BCH miners provide the other 1/2).
Did you know? — XHedge Validators are elected by Bitcoin Cash stakeholders whom have been incentivized to stake their $BCH on the SmartBCH sidechain.

Not all blockchains are created equally. It's important to make sure that when sharing (ie. forking) technology, that there are no compromises that could lead to future vulnerabilities.
The SBX community of Developers, Validators, and Investors are all incentivized with $SBX tokens to assure that all parties are always acting in the best interests of the network.

  • Strict coding practices
  • Regular code audits
  • Peer reviews
  • Governance voting
  • Project code/integration assistance

In order to operate a sustainable model for the Exchange, there are fees collected from each and every SBX transaction. These transaction fees can either be paid for in $BCH or immediately exchanged for $BCH after completion (using one of the approved DEXs).
Did you know? — Qualified $SBX token holders may collect Daily Payouts from the revenues earned each day by the Exchange.

SBX aims to work with established and future projects within the Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH communities. SBX will maintain a strict non-compete policy in order to encourage and support as much innovation as possible.

  • Contests and rewards
  • Marketing and promotion
  • and more...
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