Smart Bitcoin Exchange manages a collection of Treasuries for each blockchain that it supports in the storage & transfer of digital assets.
You should know! Your assets are SAFU!
SBX treasuries are individually crafted with the same "audited" framework as the industry's leading Wallet standard: Gnosis Safe.
Gnosis Safes are 100% non-custodial, multi-signature, smart contract wallets that currently secure $2B+ in crypto assets across 12+ blockchain networks.

The following Treasuries are currently or planned to be supported:

  1. 1.
    Bitcoin Cash
    • $BCH — managed by the SHA-Gate contract
  2. 2.
    Smart Bitcoin (serves as the Exchange's primary asset reserves)
  3. 3.
    • $WBCH — managed by the SHA-Matrix suite of contracts
    • $JOY
    • $SPICE
  4. 4.
    Binance Smart Chain
    • $WBCH
  5. 5.
    • $WBCH
  6. 6.
    • $WBCH — managed by the SHA-Matrix suite of contracts
    • $JOY
    • $SPICE
  7. 7.
    • $WBCH
  8. 8.
    • $WBCH
You should know! — SBX Treasuries are 100% segregated. In the event of insolvency in one Treasury, it will NOT affect ANY other Treasury being held by the Exchange.
Fees can be paid in either $BCH or $SBCH for transaction in either direction.
In addition, network Validators can elect to accept $SBCH tokens, that can be easily traded on one of the implemented DEXs.
Users will be able to select a DEX to handle the transactions fees during their exchange.

Exchange Fees

0.1% of the transactions value will be paid in the BASE token/coin and immediately exchanged for $SBCH, which will then be distributed equally to ALL (properly) participating Validators.

Minting Fees

A flat fee will be charged for NFT exchanges.
Non-$SBCH fees collected will be immediately exchanged for $SBCH using 1 (or more) of the approved DEXs specified by the user.


Payments will be sent out to ALL stake holders every 8 hours.


All funds will be managed in real-time by the active quorum of Validators. In the event of a hostile attempt to take control of the Treasury, a minority of Validators can vote to transfer control to a group of #(min 7) of the highest rated Validators (determined by their peers).

Smart Contract

EVM-based smart contract were introduced to offer a Turing-complete language for programming the use of crypto assets. We implore

Here are just a few of the Benefits of using a smart contract:

  • The Safe removes the single point of failure; it can be controlled from multiple Validators without any Validator having full control.
  • Different permissions for different Validators (e.g. you have all your $BCH/tokens in one account and can spend up to $500 per day with the standard quorum, for more you have to also include DAO approval)
  • Fail-safe recovery rules can trigger a recovery process which allows a set of pre-determined Guardians can vote on administrative activities.
  • Exchange Validators keys, if there is reason to believe a Validator might be compromised.

Transparency Report