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The private custody of the SmartBCH assets was managed by a set of Externally-owned Accounts EOA? by a has kept the funds under their control using a set of addresses
Did you know? — Our team has fully adapted the original suite of Gnosis Safe contracts to best suit the specific needs of the XHedge Federation.
In short, this Treasury will be adapted from the Gnosis Safe and allowed to work with the current set of XHedge Validators.
Treasury amount: 20,898,320.9095 $SBCH Treasury value: US$2,115,328,042 Treasury account: 0x8c4F85ec71C966e45A6F4291f5271f8114a7Ba15
SBX plans to use Gnosis Safes as the smart contract vaults to manage the ERC/SEP-compatible smart contracts required to store bridge assets.
You should know! — These contracts HAVE NOT yet been audited.

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    We removed the proxy feature as security precaution. The safe contracts are no longer upgradeable using a Master Key.
  2. 2.
    We've increased the default threshold to 75% (15 out of 20 -- min: 15). This can still be adjusted by each individual quorum of Validators.
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    The Failsafe Committee are assigned as a quorum of the TOP 10% (2 out of 20 -- min: 3) "highest rated" Validators from the last 6 epochs (approx. 12 weeks).

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